(This message has been translated from dog language courtesy of our elite panel of canine linguistics experts)

Welcome to the bark side of BCV!

When our owners tell us we get to come to work, our tails start wagging and they just don’t quit! We dart through the doors of BCV Social at full speed because we have so many important things to do, friends to see, and smells to sniff.

A BCV dog attends very important meetings, where we do many important things like lay on the floor, walk around, bark to leave the room, bark to come back in the room, etc. Also, no one cares if we nap at work! Many of our colleagues even think it’s cute. Talk about best job ever!

One of our favorite memories is when a group of us got to go to the Moxy Chicago for a photoshoot! We’re a fetching bunch and the puparazzi loves us.

Most importantly, we bring smiles to our coworkers’ faces, which is by far the most rewarding part of being a BCV dog. We make our rounds to ensure everyone takes a quick break to ruffle our fluff and get their daily dose of puppy love. Some professionals chase dreams, others chase their tails. In any case, they say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That’s certainly true for a BCV dog!

Meet the good boys and girls of the official #BCVBarks department:

Sunday “Chief Feel-Good Officer” Mulh //@sundaythedoodle

Breed: Mini Goldendoodle
Human Boss: Marisa Mulh, Director of Marketing
Likes: Coming to work at BCV, playing fetch especially with balls, snuggling and giving kisses, being the center of attention, floating around my pool on my big float
Dislikes: Not being the center of attention, the “Running of the Bulldogs” Geico Commercial, Cooper (the stupid dog across the hall), being shut out of important meetings and not being able to go to the bathroom with my mom
Hidden Talents: Unintentionally bringing smiles to people’s faces, extremely photogenic
Favorite thing about BCV: Seeing all my friends every day, getting to run around the office and greet everyone, hanging out with my doggie friends when they come to the office. I like to call myself BCV’s “Chief Feel-Good Officer!”


Breed: Golden Retriever
Human Boss: Mary Helen Trippet, Senior Account Executive
Likes: Tennis balls, tennis balls and more tennis balls
Dislikes: Clapping, cooking noises, flags waving in the wind, thunder, pretty much everything. I’ve gotten to be a bit of a baby in my old age!
Hidden Talent: I’ve perfected the art of begging
Favorite thing about BCV: My mom’s coworkers pet me all day long and I love the attention! I also love playing all of my fellow dog colleagues! But really my favorite thing is the room that’s filled with leftover dog toys and treats from photo shoots – it’s the first place I go when I get to work in the morning!




Sauvie (so-vee)

Breed: Greyhound
Human Boss: Kyle Gilkeson, Creative Director
Likes: Sleeping, naps, beds, couches, soft things, humans
Dislikes: Being awake, hard surfaces, showers, dogs
Hidden Talent: Running really, really fast
Favorite thing about BCV: All the trash cans are snout height







Hope //@hopeinthebigcity

Breed: Retriever/Black Mouth Cur
Human Boss: Elizabeth Strickler, Sales Assistant
Likes: Toys, toys, toys!!! Meeting new friends (canine & human), kisses, and getting pets!
Dislikes: Elevators… sometimes
Hidden Talent: Stealing the hearts of everyone around her
Favorite thing about BCV: Getting to hang out with mom and all of her friends!





Queso //@thelifeofqueso 

Breed: Pomeranian, American Eskimo mix
Human Boss: Sarah McVey, Senior Account Executive
Likes: Digging in the sand, grilled chicken, kissing strangers, peanut butter kongs, and sploots!
Dislikes: Balloons, trash bags, people who don’t want to pet me
Hidden Talent: I can hold my “sit-stay” for a long time while my parents eat. If I’m a good boy and don’t beg, then they’ll give me a treat
Favorite thing about BCV: The nicest people who give GREAT belly rubs and seeing my fur friend, Hallie. There are also a lot of good sniffs in the kitchen!






Nunie // @nunieinthecity

Breed: Shepherd/Chow
Human Boss: Peter Jang, Senior Account Executive
Likes: Treats, naps, running in dog parks, squirrels
Dislikes: Rain, water, thunder
Hidden Talents: Shaking hands, standing up, rolling over, playing dead, sitting, laying down (all for treats)
Favorite thing about BCV: Eating treats and sleeping







Harry (aka Hare Bear, Harold) // @rescuedbyharry

Breed: 25% Golden Retriever, 25% German Shepherd, 12.5% Australian Shepherd, 37.5% mix containing Asian and hound grounds
Human Boss: Nephew to Jenn Bickley, Senior Account Executive
Likes: Sleep, squeaky leopard ball, snow, BELLY RUBS
Dislikes: Alarms, hot weather, dogs that don’t like him
Hidden Talents: Positioning his belly for OPTIMUM rubs, some people think he’s playing dead. Being so quiet, people don’t realize he’s there
Favorite thing about BCV: The people and all the belly rubs!






Breed: Pit/Mountain Cur mix
Human Boss: Colleen Froehlich, Account Executive
Likes: Peanut butter kongs, bones, shoes, playing frisbee, running, jumping, meeting new friends, LOVES ice cream (eats it with his eyes closed, dog after Colleen’s own heart), chasing birds, squirrels, flies, ants… Really chasing anything that is smaller than him
Dislikes: Really hates being told he is a “bad dog” – he punishes himself further when he did something wrong by putting himself in a time-out, which includes going to the corner and hiding behind the couch
Hidden Talents (if applicable): He’s got hops. Mad hops. Even without Jordans.
Favorite thing about BCV: The attention.




Charlotte (aka Binx) // @theerectwiener

Breed: Dachshund
Human Boss: Lindsey Sagnella, Senior Account Executive
Likes: Standing, snuggling, tennis balls
Dislikes: Skateboards
Hidden Talent: Standing (not very hidden)
Favorite thing about BCV: All of my friends (both dogs & humans)! I also love when my mom and her coworkers dress me up in prop closet finds.






Caribou // @cariboucrossingchi

Breed: German Shepherd / Retriever Mix
Human Boss: Zorgie Sanchez, Day Monitor
Likes: Sleeping, hanging out on the couch watching Netflix, being an only child, going to Montrose Dog Beach, road trips
Dislikes: Spending all day with grandma and grandpa, when people interrupt my peace and quiet when I’m napping, when my parents are too busy to play with me, taking my vitamins, being tricked into eating vegetables instead of treats
Hidden Talents: I can tell you when I want to go outside by excitedly pointing to the door, I can hear the microwave and fridge doors open from a mile away, and my mom is especially impressed that I can get anyone to share their snacks with me as much as they may say won’t!
Favorite thing about BCV: Even though my mom hasn’t brought me in yet, I’m looking forward to hanging out with her and Sunday all day!






Nelly // @smellynelly_chi 

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd
Human Boss: Danny Cash,  Assistant Monitoring Manager
Likes: Car rides, and anything related to grass, protecting livestock from cheetahs
Dislikes: Baths, “Why the long face?” jokes, and Danny’s cayenne-habanero mac n’ cheese
Hidden Talents: Prone to accidental front flips
Favorite thing about BCV: The free head scratches and belly rubs



Frankie (
aka Frank)

Breed: Black & White Lab/Basset Hound mix with a polka dot tummy
Human Boss: Olivia Trilla, Account Executive
Likes: Snuggling with my humans under the blankets, belly rubs, testing all food before my parents eat it – just to be safe!
Dislikes: Getting splashed with water
Hidden Talents: Can give puppy dog eyes on command
Favorite thing about BCV: I haven’t been yet, but I can’t wait to meet my pawesome, furry friends!







Thank you for taking time to get to know us and read our unleashed thoughts—this piece is truly the wagnum opus of the #BCVBarks department. We deserve extra treats for all our hard work, don’t you think?

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