This past year, social media usage has seen a boom time to include new channels and content-hungry users seeking new ways to bond through affinity groups, community and connectivity. Across demographics, new social behaviors are developing, as well as increased time spent online. BCV continues to track these fascinating Fall trends in this channel-packed Infographic:

  • Earlier Seasonal Interest – Consumers are searching for seasonal travel earlier than before. Searches for “Fall Travel” increased by 65% this year. 
  • Next-Gen – The newly coined “Next Gen” audience is made up of the Millennial and Gen Z audiences, as they share similar patterns across social. This audience is and will be the future of travel, and with a large amount of purchase power they will continue to be a key target for the travel industry. 
  • Emerging Luxury Markets – BCV is tracking social shopping trends and demographics as they adapt and diversify, introducing a new class of Luxury: The New Splurge Seekers. 
  • Top Ad Performers – Instagram swipe-up ads prove to be among the most successful ad performers for brands, especially in increasing follower growth. 
  • Creative Trends – Current popular creative trends that are used across platforms include nostalgic content, using old filters, old photos, and retro themes, as well as cinematic storylines in video and big bold text across images and video alike. 

Since social media is experiencing unprecedented clutter and noise, launching strategic content and well-calculated campaigns is vital to reaching your intended audience. Take a look at these current trends and BCV recommendations in our quarterly infographic to help inform content planning that will drive discoverability.

About the Authors

Emily Bello
Junior Social Strategist
BCV, A RateGain Company
Emily is BCV’s Junior Social Strategist. A recent graduate of the advertising program at Loyola University Chicago, she currently concentrates on social trend analysis and identification of consumer patterns across the digital landscape. Emily’s favorite social platform is TikTok and she has just begun vlogging about her house plants on YouTube.
Brooke Jarchow
Digital Strategist
BCV, A RateGain Company
Brooke is a Digital Strategist at BCV, concentrating on the luxury travel market. With 7 years of experience in digital marketing, Brooke has worked across multiple hospitality sectors including food and beverage, event planning, and CPG brands. Currently based out of Brooklyn, Brooke splits her time between the three American coasts: East (NYC), West (LA), and Central (Chicago).

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