How to Create Content with Regard for

Religious & Cultural Days of Observances

Social audiences continue to demand inclusion and support for diverse communities from their chosen brands, making 2022 the year for brand conversations surrounding cultural topics. It is important to remember that a brand’s participation in these conversations must be sincere and genuine and provide tangible evidence of community support before engaging in the conversation online. Audiences want to see the actualized, ongoing impact of brands claiming to support diverse communities, supplemented by meaningful and honest online dialogue. Many consumer brands are beginning to support multicultural holidays and observances, but they must ensure that their contributions are authentic, non-promotional, and have lasting meaning.

Learn How to Approach Holiday Content for Diverse Cultures

Step 1: Understand the meaning, history, and significance of the specific day.

Step 2: Evaluate whether your brand ties into the significance or supports the persons, groups, or organizations the day of observance supports or represents.

Step 3: Do your research. How have brands in your industry positioned themselves on social media in the past and what was the sentiment from consumers?

Step 4: If your brand decides to create a post, make sure the post highlights how your brand contributes to the cause or initiative outside of this one specific day and/or highlights persons, groups, or organizations the day of observance supports or represents. Aim to educate, inform, or inspire your audience authentically.

Step 5: Make an honest assessment of who the post is benefiting and confirm alignment with your brand.

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