MDS Price: $2,500 

Recommended Hotel Type: Small to Midsize hotels in secondary/tertiary markets looking to have an ‘active’ presence on social media.

Summary: BCV will provide a content support solution, through Sysomos, for hotels looking to have basic social activity. BCV develops posts to incorporate into the hotel’s content calendar in Sysomos (English only). The hotel team will have the opportunity to select posts from the larger pool of curated content.

Package Consists of…

  • Content Support: Facebook
  • Posting Frequency: 15x per Month
  • Content Categories: Travel (General) + Brand Specific
    • BCV creates 20 travel posts & selects/schedules 10 to be approved
    • BCV creates 10 brand specific posts & selects/schedules 5 to be approved
  • Content Prompt Creation: Goal is to assist the Hotel in generating own content
    • BCV creates 10 content prompts per month
    • 5 Prompts will be generic and 5 Prompts with target subset of hotels (Luxury, Resort, etc.)
  • Content Calendar Delivery Date: Monthly on the 21st
  • Content ‘Go Live’ Date: Monthly on the 15th
  • Team Call & Reporting: N/A
  • Property Visit Team: N/A

Please note that this a social support program, it is not a customized social media strategy and content will not be tailored to each hotel. It is important to recognize that hotels leveraging this package option will need to make an investment to achieve social media standards even with the content support offering.

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