MDS Price: $18,500 (Includes Travel)
Recommended Ad Spend: $500/Month (Outside of Program Funds)

Recommended Hotel Type: Midsize or Large Urban or Resort properties that want to differentiate their social media presence but don’t require elevated content or monitoring coverage.

Package Consists of…

  • Channel Support: Facebook & Instagram
  • Monitoring Hours: 24/7
  • Geolocation Monitoring: Not Included
  • Social Strategy Calls: 1x per Year
  • PostingFrequency: 4x per Week
  • Account Team Call & Reporting Frequency: Monthly
  • Content Development: Account Team Photography
  • Photography: Account Team Photography
  • Video Package: NOT Included
  • Creative Package: NOT Included
  • Property Visit: 1x per Year
  • Property Visit Team: (2) BCV Team Members

Please note that High Volume Pricing applies to all hotels that have 401 rooms or more. Travel costs are included in package price.

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