JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa

2017 Adrian Award Winner

The time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is a historically slow demand period for JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. To fill the gap, we developed a campaign that called for fans to take advantage of a special 96-hour sale to celebrate Christmas in July. However, rather than simply sell, we created a robust campaign around the sale to encourage fans and followers to get in the Christmas spirit. For example, a Facebook Live with Santa and his elves during his visit and clever post copy encouraged fans to take advantage of the sale, and Instagram Stories showcased the different Christmas-themed activities guests could take part in during their stay on property.

BCV successfully leveraged local media coverage of the Resort’s sale on a local media station, posting the video natively to encourage engagement and linking to the booking page to drive bookings. Lastly, we incorporated two GIFs, both in the Facebook Offer and in the reminder posts, to boost engagement and offer a lighthearted way for fans to learn about the sale.

To generate awareness for the promotion, we ran highly targeted Facebook ads, targeting both fans of the Facebook page and key markets identified through demographic and geographic features by working with directly with the property team.


  • Drove 4,206 link clicks for a total of 645 room nights booked through social media, equaling $116,075 in revenue. Social media drove over 65% of the room nights booked, and a total of 995 rooms were booked, exceeding last year’s number by 126 room nights
  • Reached 67,281 people alone with the Facebook offer, for a total of 2,595 offer claims at a cost per offer claim of $0.19, 6.3X lower than industry standards
  • The Facebook Live video showing Santa floating down the river had a total of 50,877 views and reached 86,015 users
  • Secured a total of 1,392 post engagements on Facebook and 268 engagements on Instagram