How Leveraging Mixed Media Drove a 150% Increase in Engagement Rate in One Month

In conjunction with the 2022 summer season, Cambria Hotels launched “Taste the Destination,” an initiative that emphasized Cambria’s bar-forward hallmark experience.

Cambria’s Certified Cicerone & Mixologist, Zach O’Haire, was tased with curating unique, destination-focused interpretations of the Cambria Margarita, inspired by six gem properties and their surrounding cities.

These popular destinations spanned coast to coast and included: Austin, New Orleans, For Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Louisville.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Brand connectivity through different mediums
  • Creative ways to customize content for higher engagement
  • The benefit of using motion in social media design
  • Utilizing social media as a PR extension

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