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The best hospitality builds on quality. The same is true for Hospitality Social Media.

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What you get from a call is a personal consult on your business, the opportunities we we see, and insights gained from over a decade doing this for some the world’s best hospitality brands. We’ll keep it short. We’ll go easy on the sales spiel, and go big on the listening. That’s what makes the best social programs great–and the best intro calls.

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Why Work with BCV? We Were Born in a Hotel

BCV was born in a hotel room. Our entire operations have and will always be built on servicing the hotel industry with social media hotel expertise. Our specialty is figuring out what makes your property, special–then telling the world thru global social programs. We execute in all media, providing stunning creative, smart ad buys, and significant, measurable ROI.

Your team trained for a career in hospitality.

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Schedule an intro call with our Social Media Hotel Experts. We know you’ll feel the difference our passion brings to hospitality.

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Even in the world of chatbots, it is refreshing to talk to a peer. Set up a call with a hotel social media expert.