You might have noticed that holiday decorations started popping up super early this year–giving a big clue that this Holiday season could see record-breaking eCommerce sales. That stands as a huge marketing opportunity for the travel industry too as a population ready to resume travel starts packing. In fact, as people return to their normal travel levels, all indications show that the data for the larger consumer burst will inform hospitality opportunities.


 Moving into the Holiday season, this is what BCV is tracking:


  • The Social Shopping Boom – Twenty-eight percent of US consumers are using social media to search for or purchase Holiday items, a 22% increase from 2019
  • The Return of Holiday Travel – Eighty percent more people are traveling this holiday season compared to last year, inching closer to pre-pandemic levels of travel 
  • Experience-Based Gifts – Seventy-one percent of consumers report preferring to receive experience-based gifts this holiday season, opening a world of opportunity for travel brands
  • Live Stream Shopping – Seventy percent of Next-Gen will livestream shop this holiday season, and live stream shopping capabilities across platforms continue to grow


As travel volume increases during this busy period, travel brands should execute strategic campaigns to gain a competitive market share at this pivotal moment. At BCV, we are tracking the importance of early targeted ad spend, giving the gift of travel, live streaming, and more as the choicest strategies to attract holiday travel seekers. To learn more about social commerce holiday trends and how your brand can execute on them, check out our infographic below

About the Author

Emily Bello
Junior Social Strategist
BCV, A RateGain Company
Emily is BCV’s Junior Social Strategist. A recent graduate of the advertising program at Loyola University Chicago, she currently concentrates on social trend analysis and identification of consumer patterns across the digital landscape. Emily’s favorite social platform is TikTok and she has just begun vlogging about her house plants on YouTube.

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