A Mountain Destination’s Guide to Social Media

  Tue, 6th Apr, 2021
 12 PM EST
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Meet Our Panelists

Cat Shaw, BCV employee, hospitality communications
Cat Shaw
Director of Marketing & Content,
Mountain Travel Symposium
Mercedes Blanco
Vice President of Sales – Americas
BCV, A RateGain Company

Special Appearances

Adrianna Rak, BCV employee, hospitality media
Adrianna Rak
Sales Manager – Americas
BCV, A RateGain Company
Alex Tallent, BCV employee, hospitality media
Alex Tallent
Sales Manager – Americas
BCV, A RateGain Company

What You’ll Learn

As digital channels become the preferred method of interaction, the spotlight shines on social media for mountain tourism success. Brands that pivot their social media marketing to match new consumer expectations will see positive results in sentiment, engagement & ROI. Join MTS and BCV, a RateGain Company, as we discuss emerging platforms, behavioral trends, key strategies and more.

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