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Our monthly webinar series where our experts hone in on specific areas of social media.

During COVID-19, social media usage has seen a great surge, and nearly every industry is experiencing an onslaught of new, unpredictable trends as a result — hospitality is no expception. By embracing the new ways people are communicating, and developing a dynamic online presence, hotels can quickly adapt to the disruption and achieve an early advantage when attracting business.


The Fundamentals of Social Media For Hotels

October 12, 2021

Our exclusive first webinar, “The Fundamentals of Social Media for Hotels,” helps you establish an effective online presence using practical social media marketing training to connect with your loyal customers, attract new guests, drive sales, and capitalize on current and new opportunities.

We’ll be diving into:

  • Social media usage stats
  • How social media has changed the hospitality industry
  • Traveler segmentation and presence
  • Trends impacting brands
  • and More!

Robin Mazur
VP, Strategy + Insight

Lindsey Sagnella
Account Director

Adrianna Rak
Sales Manager

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