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BCV’s Mission

Our team of hospitality and social media experts are relentless innovators who are constantly evolving to ensure we are delivering the most technologically savvy social media solution and the highest level of client service.

Mark Skroch
General Manager
Alex Tamayo
Vice President, Monitoring & Reporting
Carol Casanova, BCV employee, hospitality content creation
Carol Casanova

Senior Manager, Global Marketing
Claire Newman
Vice President, Project Management
Danni Webber, BCV employee, guest profile data
Danni Webber
Director, Client Services
David Pico
Director, Paid Media
Emily Breinig, BCV employee, Lorena Garcia, BCV employee, luxury hotel lead generation
Emily Breinig

Sr. Director, Human Resources
James Carpinello, BCV employee, social media roi
James Parrinello
Creative Director
Lindsey Sagnella, BCV employee, full circle social media solutions
Lindsey Sagnella

Director, Client Services
Nichol Dannemiller, BCV employee, full circle social media solutions
Nichol Dannemiller

Associate Creative Director
Ramtin Hosseini, BCV employee, human social media
Ramtin Hosseini
Associate Vice President, Software Engineering
Robin Mazur
Vice President, Strategy & Insight


Adrianna Rak

Director, Sales
Alex Tallent
Sales Manager
Bianca Franqui
Sales Director
Griffin Sandberg

Sales Director
Gyasi Edwards

Sales Manager
Jon Vecchiarelli

Sales Director, Enterprise
Lorena GarcĂ­a Elez
Sales Manager


Anney Talreja, BCV employee, hospitality social listening
Anney Talreja

Sales Manager
Arjun, BCV employee, hospitality social media roas
Arjun Majumdar

Sales Manager
Avinash Dutt

Vice President, Sales
Yulia Navorynska, BCV employee, hospitality social listening
Yulia Navorynska

Sales Manager


Stuart Booth, BCV employee, hospitality social media roas
Stuart Booth
Sales Director

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