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Human Powered, Data-Driven & Backed by Best-In-Class Technology

Cloud 9 is within reach. BCV, a RateGain Company, has perfected the Guest Experience Cloud to monitor and manage your social media universe 24/7. Through an arsenal of proprietary tools and analytics we’ll be able to transform real relationships into powerful ROI.

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Social Media Strategy

First comes the vision, then comes the plan. Crafting a campaign strategy to meet and exceed your goals is the name of the game for our account teams.

Want to play by your own rules? We’ll develop a social media playbook for you so that everything from core values to your hashtag guidelines are easy to follow.

We’re always on your schedule. However much and often you want to share your content, we can develop a custom calendar that fits with your timeline.

Campaign Ideation

Annual Planning

Strategy Development

Social Playbooks
Custom Content Calendars

Social Media Monitoring & Reputation Management

Creating connections through conversation is what we do best. Utilizing around the clock social media monitoring, we can stay connected with your community while also finding new additions to your fanbase. An extension of your customer service team, our monitors can provide answers to questions and solve issues in real-time.

With the addition of online review management across numerous platforms, we can cherish the good times and mitigate the not-so-good. A personal touch in review replies can go a long way towards retaining customers while also ensuring the fond memories endure long after the experience.

Community Management

24/7 Social Media Monitoring

Online Review Management
Remote Event Support
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Content Production

You’ve got the right stuff, now it’s time for us to show it off. From capturing your content with photography and videography to developing specialized assets like drone footage, we have all the tools to ensure you’re getting noticed.

Looking for something a little more cutting edge? We offer augmented and virtual reality content so your users can step into your spaces or live an experience even from miles away.

Time to tone it up. Our copywriting team will ensure that we strike all the right chords in the voice you’re searching for. Connecting with an audience is important, but our writers will speak to all the details that make your brand so persuasively special.

Let’s get graphic. From lighting up your Instagram grid to stretching the imagination with a cinemagraph, our graphic designers are here to lend some different shapes and sounds to your platforms. 


Property Photography

Original Content Creation

Graphic Design
Asset Sourcing
Video Capabilities

Paid Social Media Advertising

Whether you want to generate revenue, drive website traffic or garner attention for an event, your goals are our goals. The seamless collaboration of our creative and account teams will ensure you’re messaging is on brand and assets are optimized across all available placements. We’re well-versed in the complexity of paid advertising and know exactly how to maximize your reach while inspiring action with every paid campaign.

When it comes to finding your audience, we always know where the stage is. We guarantee you’re being seen and heard by all the right people by leveraging each and every audience targeting feature available within the social space. From interest-targeting to tracking pixels, custom audiences, lookalike audiences and more, we know how to maximize reach while driving cost-effective conversions.

Advertising Strategy & Management

Creative Design & Execution

Benchmarking & Reporting

Ongoing Optimization
Revenue tracking
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Measurement, Reporting & Analytics

Goal getters, trendsetters. At the beginning of every partnership, we’ll identify all the goals and KPI’s we can achieve for you. Our reporting platform works behind-the-scenes to capture real-time analytics for all our partners as well as their competitors. We’ll measure and report on your performance monthly, in addition to summarizing the insights from all of your paid & organic campaigns.

Annual Goal Setting

Competitive Set Analysis

Performance Summary Reporting
In-Depth Reporting & Insights

Influencer Marketing

It’s all about finding the right people. We specialize in researching and identifying influencers who align with your brand. Now more than ever, audiences are drawn to people that share their values and interests. Whether their follower count is small or in the millions, we curate influencers that will show how sublime it is to be where you are.

Influencer Identification

Partnership Details

Relationship Management
End of Program Reporting
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Digital Advertising

It’s a digital world, let’s play in it. Digital advertising allows us to take your media campaigns a step beyond social with expanded reach, hyper-targeting and additional creative units. Leveraging data from paid social as well as our proprietary technology, we’ll be able to drive higher visibility, capture demand among your target audiences and increase your direct ROI.

Programmatic Advertising

Meta Search

Paid Search